About Stir Up Some Love

Treehouse loves our local restaurants because of their generosity and willingness to extend extra seats at the table to those in need. This holiday season, 2021, Stir Up Some Love offers up our Cookie Dough Fundraiser! Four local bakers are rolling up their sleeves to stir up their dough and share it with you. All proceeds benefit the Treehouse Foundation.

During the height of the pandemic in 2020/2021, Stir Up Some Love delivered a vibrant online cooking series with award-winning chefs. The outpouring of love for kids and local restaurants raised nearly $175,000 and we shared the proceeds with 23 local restaurants!

About the Treehouse Foundation

The Treehouse Foundation mission is to ensure that children who experience foster care find lifelong families in supportive communities, enabling them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

The intergenerational Treehouse community is an award-winning model where families adopting children from foster care live side-by-side with older adults in a close-knit neighborhood. Our first neighborhood in Easthampton, MA is home to 120 people, ages 9-months to 89 years.

Watch this 4-minute Boston Globe video about Treehouse.

Treehouse achieves positive results for children and youth as well as seniors who would otherwise experience housing needs and face social isolation.

The Treehouse Foundation is also the home of the Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America Movement (REFCA). Launched in 2010, REFCA leads a multi-sector collaboration designed to create a new foster care paradigm, co-creates innovative solutions and spotlights foster care champions.

We developed Stir Up Some Love in response to COVID’s economic impact in hopes of helping both local restaurants and the Treehouse Foundation’s needs.

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